Welcome to my Blog! Can we smell through our tongues?

Welcome to the blog!

I hope to use this to discuss or open up dialogue about many worldly issues that could possibly have an strong impact on our lives. 

So let’s open up with one that I have visions both in a physical and mental state could change our planet.

I recently on the Omma Chain show that I host for Black Country Radio  opened it up to guests to express their views on the research project (probably costing thousands) that has determined the degree to which we smell through our tongues. I can see images of folk on restaurants, fast food outlets standing to order with their tongues hanging out. Maybe we will have crowds at footy games smelling the pies just before the half time whistle.

I'm interested in your comments and if you have had any experience of actually knowing you are smelling through your tongue and how biologically this happens.  Hope you enjoy the blog and maybe add your own world changing projects (or not) that you have come across. You'll find the blog is really about having fun so enjoy!