The happiest place is this Black Country place

I recently read a survey in the 'i' daily that looked at the happiest cities to live in. Wolverhampton came third and although an Oldbury bloke I felt immensely proud that the Black Country was on the map for the right reasons. I don't get into boundary debates as my thoughts are if you feel Black Country then you are regardless of where you live. I pull folks leg a bit sometimes  but never  push the “That bay in the BC” bit.

Anyway, the article got me thinking about the localism that is still strong in the region and what folks think about their own town. What great things that pull you to saying with pride. I come from Tipton, I come from Old 'Ill… I come from Oldbury. Oldbury 'as Bury Bonk and the views (captured by the wonderful Rob Perry) are just breathtaking. Standing on the Bromford Bridge looking along the cut always holds me.

What do you have in your town that you love? Come on, let's  have some great chats about this region of ours!