Bravest Wench I ‘No’ ‘An Groove Wench

Bravest Wench I 'No' an' Groove Wench


I suppose the job of creating pieces out of memories or ideas from other peoples memories is a bit like a beachcomber of a walking up and down the sand looking for surprises. Often you never know where the idea comes from. Why a particular memory is unlocked or why maybe while reading, listening or looking at something that has nothing to do with the Black Country a theme arrives that sets off a train of thought for a new piece. For those who don’t know, The Bravest Wench I know and Groove Wench is what my late wife Susie and her soul mate Donna were known as and collectively they were The Broad Street Babes.

It was about December time 2012 when I was as usual bugging Lozz about where we were going to get to work on new stuff that had been ages in the waiting and his reputation had him booked on several other projects. He always encouraged me to do something with stuff I kept keeping to use for Billy and Lozz with it being obvious the volume meant it would never be used in our lifetimes. That winter I did take his advice and five books have come to print along with an unaccompanied CD of songs and a new spoken work CD out of the realisation from Lozz’s advice that there was some stuff I was proud of that would be lost if I didn’t do anything with it. I now tend to work the other way around and continue to write and come up with ideas that I know Billy and Lozz won’t use rather than think it all has to be for that purpose.
This is a varied volume and I hope enjoyable. I have an idea to put the lyrics of all Billy and Lozz songs in one volume with a bit of background to the origins of each song.
That’s for another day.

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