My Charity Work

It has been increasingly important to me to become involved in as much charity/community support work as is possible. The radio show can act as a platform for us to go out and find groups that maybe need a little support or as we do yearly choose a charity to work on through the year as our main focus. Also, through University I get offered several projects that give me the opportunity to work with  groups that in simple terms could say the general public see as less fortunate. These sort of projects are two fold . Firstly, I/ we are able to use creative and academic skills to let groups express themselves. Secondly, it educates me/us that societies perception is way off the mark. We have a lot to learn from working with these groups.

The Do You See Project images are an example of amazing work  coming out of session with  individuals at Halas Homes in Halesowen.  Singing and singing with their choir at 2017 Black Country Day Festival in Dudley was  an experience that will stay with me all my life. We always make sure when working with groups we start from the inside out. An example being our Parkinson work of 2018 saw us meet with some wonderful people whose mechanisms for coping with life were inspiring. Both areas of work are ongoing and I/we will add images and build up a portfolio as we expand some of our work to helping schools, the homeless, our 2019 main charity Russells Hall Diabetes Unit so keep revisiting and check out what's going on and don't be afraid to get in touch if you think we are able to help in any way.

Below is a small gallery involving some of the charity work that I have been involved in: