Echoes of Foiano Di Valfortore



Foiana Di Valfortore, a backwater in the Italian province of Benevento, where men toil in fields on picturesque hilsides to eek out a living.

Oldbury, in the heart of the Black Country, where men toiled night and day in smoky factories to maintain the post war boom.

Echoes of Foiana Di Valfortore tells of Guido Guidotti’s journey from the rolling hills of his forefathers to the rolling mills of the Black Country, a region which at fist seem satanic, but will ultimately become a new home and provide a new life for his family.

The Black Country, formed and forged over two centuries by the determination of families from th’off to come in and work in the industries.

Top Black Country poet Billy Spakemon joins Guido’s son, Angelo Guidotti to tell a tale of Black Country Italians, proud of their new land for whom, there will always be Echoes of Foiana Di Valfortore.

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