From The Bunny ‘ill t’ Puddin’ Rock

From The Bunny 'ill t' Puddin' Rock

This was the second CD I recorded with Lozz Hipkiss as Billy and Lozz.  The title comes from two mounds that can be found in Barnford Park Langley. Lozz lived not far from the park and I would pass through it every day on the way to grammar school. When small they looked massive 'bonks' but of course visiting them now they were just small mounds at either end of the park.  I think we moved away from some of our typical stuff on this CD. Lozz's playing is exceptional particularly on “Rain” the track about the war and Market  which has a very Eastern feel and is probably one of the few songs that isn't directly linked to the region.  Monkey Mon is also always great to do even now without the guitar dancing in the background  

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