From the Coal ‘ole (Lift the latch an Fill y’ Shuvul)

From the Coal 'ole (Lift the latch an Fill y' shuvul)


Without RoosterSpake this volume of stories would not have been made possible. The people I have met by being involved in the organisation with Lozz has enabled me I hope to develop as a writer. Fro years Lozz has headed projects that have involved working with local writers, singers, musicians, actors and everyone have contributed to the continual learning process I carry out when watching them. Each one has immense talent an’ brings their craft to the fore in different ways. This is the second book to be published by RoosterSpake and hopefully it is not the last. Here are stories from Billy and Lozz waiting to be told and so many more they are gifted as they work within the Black Country community.

The stories all originate from wither lived experiences or those handed down or heard when in the company of people as they exchanged dialogues across the table, a back room, the cantin’ patch or in the smoke room of the sucker. Some open up wounds, some are pure folklore in their format but all have been inside me, some since a child, others more recent.
RoosterSpake will always be an important part of my life, for what it does an’ what it stands for and hopefully this volume will be an addition that will stand along the last publication ‘Go Quiet Into the Fragrant Night’ by Lozz containing the work of his father Bill Hipkiss. Here’s to the next, wherever it may materialise. Read it aloud, that’s the best way to enjoy it.

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