Little Bigguns An Big Littl’ns

Little Bigguns An Big Littl'ns (F' Babby's only)

The title of this book came from a short story written by a bloke called Kanyer Wackett or to give him his real name Walter C. Hackett who was the big boss of Accles and Pollock the steelworks in Oldbury, where most of my family worked. I’ve written loads of dialect stories, novels, poems, and lyrics mostly based on my experiences growing up in Oldbury, but I’ve always wanted to write for babbys. Parents and grandparents will understand (especially in the touch screen digital world!) the feeling they get as they read a little one a story. Wide-eyed gazes and the odd words that follow their narration as the children immerse themselves in the lines. Some of the stories here come from my own experiences and are adapted for this very special audience. Others are just the babby that lives inside this 60-year-old head.

“Billy yo’ll never grow up will y’?'“ Is a phrase etched on my brain. I believe language is a precious gift and it can take us on journeys we may never have thought of. In these stories I try to cover aspects of life children encounter as they grow. Joy, pain, loss, and triumph all the reader can enjoy and take with them on their own journey. I thanks all the folks that have ever shared their stories and to Mr Wackett for sparking the idea.

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