The Blackcountryman

The Blackcountryman has been published for over 50 years and its content in features and articles from a large number of contributors have become an outstanding and important archive about the people and industry of this area. The magazine is printed quarterly. It is reproduced in full colour and containing Black Country related Features, Articles, Stories, Local Humour, Poetry and Historic Documents. It's contributors include professional authors, teachers, students and researchers as well as 'local people', who are invaluable contributors, with important and significant memories of times past and in many cases, with an "extraordinary tale to tell."

Each issue of the magazine contains a variety of topics. Where else would you find a mix of subject matter including Music Halls & Cinemas, Canals & Rivers, Women Nail Makers & Iron Masters, Coal Mines & Lords of the Manor, Early Car & Motorbike Manufacturers, Sporting Hero's & Famous Characters plus Historic Buildings & Trades. 
In addition, the magazine contains book reviews and also information related to the Walks, Talks & Events hosted by the 'Black Country Society'.

This is a collection of articles that I have written for The Blackcountryman magazine ranging between the years 2004 to 2015, click on an issue to view my entry online.


Winter 2004 - “Mon Next” - A Poem by Brian Dakin


Summer 2006 - “A Notion of Territory - A Social Change”
Winter 2006 - “The Hailstone”


Spring 2007 - “The Extraordinary, Ordinary Man”
Summer 2007 - “Samuel Wilkes - The Wood-Wittling Champion of the World”


Spring 2008 - “The Future of our Past”


Winter 2009 - “Writer on Writer; Bill Hipkiss: “the Langley Laureate”


Summer 2010 - “Dialect and Inhuman”
Winter 2010 - “Don’t I know Him?”


Winter 2011 - “The Bespoke Black Country Mon”


Winter 2013- “Learning to Play the Game”


Winter 2014 - “You Must Live Near Ironbridge?”


Autumn 2015 - “The Festival”