The Blue Granits


The Blue Granits are me and Tom Stanton.  I suppose we happened by accident really. Tom sings a track Wagon Wheel that loads of folks get up and sing with him (me being one of them). Chatting, we realised we liked the same sort of stuff and since playing with Lozz and a little with John Langford there was no one  that I'd  shared the stage with. Tom had been to Grafton Lodge where I do some work and played for the residents and I'd joined in on Country Roads and a couple of others adding another vocal and just enjoyed playing. I come from a singing background so have always been used to  singing with other folks. It's grown and we play all over the place, libraries, clubs, residential homes exploring anything from rock and roll to west coat harmonies, folk to country and western. Whatever  tickles our fancy. We recorded a set of demos with Pete Wain and have great fun whenever we get up on stage. I feel chuffed that folks like Tom, Bren and John allow me to be a part of their great creative output. Some of the dates we are playing are on the events section with more coming up! You can have a look at our CD here.