The Boonyeds

The Boonyeds were born out of a conversation I had with Bren Hawthorne (who I have know for years). We had often performed on the same bill and spoke about our similar backgrounds and off kilter way of viewing the world. The Bugle had asked us to become ambassadors because of our work in the community, and after a meeting with Gavin, the editor, we suggested creating a modern day duo that would have a cartoon strip in the paper to acknowledge but update the folklore pair Aynuk and Ayli.

We wanted to be  muse and meanderers(is that a word?) to debate crucial world issues such as: the shrinking of the Mars bar, the absence  of adult beetroot in jars in shaps. So the Boonyeds were born. Why the name? Well it's sort of a contradiction in terms . We are obviously well read and worldly wise but wish to disguise the fact so as not to appear arrogant and superior , hence we convey a sense of doollaytapishness( is that a word!?) to throw people who come to see us into a false sense of what they will engage with. 

Our performances encompass both areas of our individual work, the merging of two pea brains and our musical homage to our influences. Our style and delivery  means we are ideal for any function large or small, from conferences to after dinner speakers to a good time down the pub. We have yet to record our debut CD  but there's loads on YouTube, particularly two DVD's we have made with Rob Hazel and his brother Keiran. “Disaster Chef” and “The World Cup” have not yet been taken up by  the big boys but we  are waiting for the phone call offering us a blockbuster roll in one of the  franchise film maybe as superheroes who stun baddies with our dialect. Watch this space!!!