The launch of the book I have written in collaboration with Steve and Simon Grigg about the life of Steve's Dad Charlie Grigg has bed fixed. It will Take place on Saturday September the 21st at the Black Country Museum as part of World Alzhiemers  Awareness Day. The event will have slide shows, performances  from artists who have taken part in Our Best Kept Secret (including new songs) a chance to chat about Charlie and the book signing. It will be a bookable  event through the museum so more details will follow as soon as they are finalised.

Details will follow shortly on the children's book  “The Boy With the Magic Pen”  which I have completed in collaboration with artists and musician Alex Vann.

 The Charlie Grigg project

Born at Vicarage Road Rood End Langley, Charlie Grigg drew from an early age. I became involved with a project through his son Steve and my Radio show the Omma n Chain I host for Black Country Radio. Steve came on and spoke about his late Dad's life.  His biggest regret was that  he never had the recognition he deserved. My plan of action was to rectify that. So as not to reveal too much (BUY THE BOOK!) I contacted  some of the local performers I work with and we entered our own journey writing pieces and performing them firstly to raise money to get Charlie a blue plaque at the school Rood End where he went and secondly to take him out into the public domain and let people know his story.

Our Best Kept Secret

There were various events, DVDs (which you can find in the relevant section on this site), talks with power-points. The project evolved organically. High points were the shows, seeing the blue plaque, the major exhibition  at Wednesbury Art Gallery and of course the book(s). 
The books (there is also a children's book) The Boy With The Magic Pen weren't on the original plan but as the project progressed and because Charlie had left a short account of his life in a handwritten document  it seemed a shame if we didn't use its legacy. I set about framing the sections and adding my own comments along with documenting the  artists contribution. Steve supplied all the artefacts, pictures  and contributions from the family and Simon and his team at Think Creative  did all the clever stuff. Check out the DVD for the Blue Plaque Project here, and the Zion Church event here.

There are so many people to thank: Dave at the printers, and everyone - including all the audiences that supported us. For me it was a joy and it is the story films are made of (Read on Mr Scott) with the added bonus that all profits going to a charity close to Steve's heat Alzhiemers UK and the local support group he attended at the Black Country Museum run by Carol Millington and John Homer.

Charlie and the Magic Pen

The spin off was an idea I had to write a children's book based on Charlie's early life. Alex Vann who designed the DVD Cover and contributed songs to the project   illustrated it and The Boy was born. It's not a word  by word mirror of Charlie's life but is massively influenced by those early days and who knows there may be a sequel following him through his early working years. I hope if anyone  orders a book  they feedback what they feel about what we have tried to do . I am immensely proud of all  who have taken part and Charlie's remains a massive inspiration to us all.

The Events

The following is a collection of pictures from the various events that took place for the Charlie Grigg Project, as well as a few teasers for the covers of the two books!