Yo’ Cor Cuff Up a Chicken If Y’ Mother’s a Duck

Yo' Cur Cuff Up a Chicken if Y' Mother's a Duck

The title of this CD has a story of it's own. I was doing a memory session with an elderly lady from Oldbury who had late term dementia. We had been able to lock into a particular part of her childhood. She began talking about a young girl who lived at the end of her street who she wanted to play with. The girl's mother didn't mix with others as she thought herself above them. This upset the little girl. When her Nana came to visit she asked what was the problem. Her Nana knew the history of this lady. She had no reason to think she was better than anyone else . Her background, family, work were all the same but she had created this image of herself and therefore had few friends. The girl's Nana then came out with Yo' Cor Cuff Up A Chicken If yer Mutha is a Duck, a wonderful phrase typical of many I come across  while talking to folk out in the region. It became the title track of the CD which has a mix of songs and stories that evolve from my journey.

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